Can Low-Waste Really Save You Money?

Can Low-Waste Really Save You Money?

"Low-waste SEEMS great, but it's SO expensive."

I'll be honest with you: lots of low-waste, plastic-free items can come with a slightly higher price tag than a "traditional" item.

And we both know that at the end of the day, sometimes a shopping choice comes down to 💲cold, hard cash.💲

This is absolutely a perfectly fine and often necessary way to make purchase choices! No judgement from me.

But reusables can SAVE you money in the long term, while also helping to save the planet!

Ways Low-Waste Can Save You Money

💰A single shampoo bar (under $10!) can replace about 3 bottles of shampoo that may cost between $5-35 each (or more).

💲My teen years favorite Herbal Essences is $7.88 a bottle at Wal Mart. One shampoo bar is $8.69 and can replace THREE bottles of Herbal Essences...that's almost a $15 savings!

💰A set of (our newly stocked) wax wraps is $15. These are reusable for at least a year. Target brand cling wrap is $2 for a small roll. Tin foil is around $4 a tube. 

💲I'm on year 4 of my wax wraps-  I don't remember the last time I bought cling wrap and all I have to do to keep my wax wraps in use is give them a little wash with soap and air dry. 

💰 Silicone can covers (also new in stock!) are $10 for six! They're great when you only want half an 🥑 or 🍎 or are treating your pet to some wet food.

💲 If you use a lot of cling wrap, the costs really add up...and that doesn't include the cost of spoiled or wasted food because the cling wrap didn't cling and your food spoiled.

So, low-waste can really cost less!

It's a small investment up front with huge savings over time!

Plus, you can't beat reducing waste and stopping plastic from entering the waste stream (and your body)!