Low-Waste Holiday Gifts for Any & Everyone!

Low-Waste Holiday Gifts for Any & Everyone! 

The holidays are here and the urge and pressure to buy, buy, buy is...high, high, high. 

OK, that's the last bad rhyme, I promise.

Seriously though, there is non-stop pressure to buy the perfect gifts, and lots of them, for everyone on your list. It's expensive, it's time consuming, and it can be incredibly wasteful. 

Instead, I've got 40 low-waste gift ideas that come straight from the heart that will cover just about everyone on your list. 

Low-waste doesn't have to cost a lot, you can holiday-on-a-budget too. You can totally thrift, recycle, upcycle, Buy Nothing, etc., amazing gifts. The best gifts are from the heart, and ideally, something the giver will use and cherish. I've got options at all price points, for anyone on your list.

1. Cook someone a meal they can freeze and enjoy. Usually we've got tons of holiday leftovers, but what about something for say, New Year's week? Or that end-of-January slump? Who can be bothered to cook? 

2. Pay a bill for someone. Who wouldn't like one less water bill in 2024?

3. Babysit so someone can have a night out!

4. Annual pass/membership to a local zoo, museum, or amusement park. Great for families!

5. A donation to a beloved charity or cause, especially thoughtful for someone who has everything.

6. A rainy day activity, like an Escape Room, bowling, indoor rock climbing, or other activity. Time spent together is the best gift.

7. Products from your favorite local shop (ahem! Just kidding, you don't HAVE to shop FH2H!, pick their favorite shop)

8. Digital subscription to a magazine, paper, or streaming service. I know you know someone who needs to get off your netflix account and stop messing with your suggestions!

9. Homemade sweets, cookies, or candies in a thrifted or upcycled container.

10. Let’s be honest, pretty much anything tasty + delicious like specialty salts, vinegars, tea, coffee, cordials, beer, ciders (be mindful of dietary restrictions, obviously).

11. A high-quality, handmade, or bespoke item that will be used often, like a custom wooden cutting board, luxury French press, etc.

12. A fun class (pottery, paint and sip, forging, woodworking, cooking, anything!) If you're in MoCo, we have a TON of great options!

13. A wine, beer, or cider tasting. Uber included.

14. Spa, salon, or sauna gift certificate.

15. An hour of personal training, life coaching, therapy, whatever the recipient’s flavor ;)

16. Something thoughtful and handpicked from a second hand store. You can find amazing hardcover books, LPs/CDs, art, toys, dish sets (even Pyrex!) at great prices. I've even seen Stanleys at my local thrift. (Obviously, give it a good wash first.)

17. Something made by hand with love, I see you, crafters, and I love your handmade things!

18. Symbolically adopt an animal at a local zoo. Sometimes they send you a plushie or a photo, but money goes to the care of an animal. Surely you know someone who'd like to be part-sponsor of a giraffe. (It's me. You know me).

19. The low-waste version of something someone uses often (like Swedish Dishcloths in fun prints, we've got some in the shop!).

20. Sponsor an adoptable animal at a nearby shelter. Pretty much every local shelter is filled to the literal brim. Consider helping someone adopt a new friend by covering the cost of an adoption.

21. Subscribe to an app the giftee wants but wouldn't purchase for themselves. (Peloton, Headspace, Strava, YouTube Red, etc.)

22. State park passes! A little nature across the US

23. The gift of service- either DIY or hire a pro to help take chores off someone's hands: house cleaning, laundry service, dry cleaning, car detailing...Seriously, I've been chasing the clean of a housecleaner ever since I was gifted a house cleaning!

24. We rarely print photos anymore, so print out a good one and pop it in a cute secondhand frame.

25. Homemade vanilla extract is literally beans + vodka + time in a bottle! Google it, it's super easy. You can thrift tons of cute jars too.

26. A low-waste starter kit for someone interested in the eco-life. I've got some in the shop, just for the holiday season, and pretty much every other low-waste shop has a version too. I'm not picky, pick your favorite where you find it!

27. Plants or cutting in upcycled jars or vases. Always a hit, plus they brighten a space and clean the air. 

28. Tickets to an upcoming concert or sporting event!  Some clubs/venues offer yearly memberships! Off-season training tickets can be very affordable too.

29. Movie tickets to the next blockbuster or art house flick. Some small theaters/arthouse theaters have passes too.

30. A digital class pass to a service like Masterclass or Udemy for someone with a love of learning!

31. Specific gift cards, like a gas card for a commuter or pet store for devoted pet parents, or a local farmers market, specialty grocery store, or record store. Gift cards aren't the biggest razzle-dazzle, but they can be very thoughtful, relatively low (or no!) waste, and will be used!
32. Homemade infused alcohols. They're all relatively easy to make with just a few ingredients, if you know someone who loves fancy cocktails!
33. Solid perfume or lotion in a tin. We've got the perfect winter scent in the shop, and there's TONS to choose from all over the net!
34. DIY Cookie or Bread Kits, which can be made by filling a reusable jar with dry ingredients for a favorite recipe and attaching a card with the recipe. This can be especially cute when kids handwrite the recipes, and these gifts can be made in large quantities for teachers, coaches, etc.
35. Compost service subscription or compost starter. I love mine, it's greatly reduced my landfill waste and I get compost!
36. Gift card to a specialty local shop. We're spoiled for local choices, truly, so pick one!
37. Art from a local artist or maker, which is more unique and special than a print from a big box store. Plenty of artists do custom commissions too (think pets, kids, etc.).
38. Pre-pay for someone’s 5K, Spartan Run, etc. Obviously, it helps if the person is athletic, LOL.
39. Vintage or thrifted jewelry, scarves, belts, bags. You can find absolutely beautiful, unique pieces, including designer brands, I promise.
40. Professional family photo or headshot session. A headshot session could be a great gift for a recent grad, creative entrepreneur, artist, writer, etc.