First Low-Waste Pop Up with Analog!

When I envisioned the new From Here to Home Essentials, I pictured taking low-waste, plastic-free products...around. 

A storefront is great, but I wanted the ability to go where the people are, where they already shop and gather. I want to make low-waste more accessible and more affordable, so that everyone can join the circular economy and reduce their own waste.

I'm embracing the pop up model! 

And you're invited to the FIRST pop-up! 

I'm partnering with an awesome community-driven space, Bump 'n' Grind's Analog Market. This space has coffee, meeting space, records and books and vintage goods for sale! There's so much to do and enjoy! 

I'm so excited to bring the first batch of low-waste and plastic-free goods to Analog Market! 

I will have: 

🌱 Dish and hand soap from Rustic Strength (fill your own jar!)
🌱 Laundry powder from Meliora
🌱 Bar shampoo and conditioner from SF Sustainable
🌱 Recycled soap dispensers from Simple Sundries 
🌱 Loofahs, sponges, scrubbers, soap rests from Me.Mother Earth! 

If I'm being honest, my house has been smelling its best with all these products hanging out! 

I'll see you SATURDAY, July 15th! Bring your own jar (or rent one from me)! 

Running lots of errands? I accept pre-orders! Select "pick up at Analog" on the shipping screen and I'll have everything ready for you to grab and go! 

Can't make it? From today until July 15, I am offering FREE delivery within 5 miles from Wheaton Metro (no order minimum!). Deliveries will be made on Thursday!