• That WaPo Article About Refilleries Missed The Forest For the Trees

    Yeah, I'm a little salty about this article in WaPo that's EVERYWHERE in the refill/eco-friendly/plastic-free sphere. You know I love a good take-apart, so let's go. 

    The writer's main issues with Refilleries seem to be:

    1. Price
    2. Location of the store itself 
    3. Being "forced" (author's words!) to use certain jars
    4. That it took a long time. 

    And to that I say: you are sorta incorrect, you definitely did *not* ask  for additional information, and you have missed the bigger picture, my friend. Here's why refilleries are wonderful spaces! 

  • What You Need to Know About Plastic-Free July!

    Plastic-free July is a one month challenge encouraging participants to refuse single-use plastics in our daily lives. And you know what? That's going to be really, really hard. 

    Plastic-free July is a global challenge to showcase just *how much* single-use plastic exists in our daily lives- and hopefully- offers alternatives and solutions to single-use. 
  • GOOD NEWS: Things to Be Hopeful About For Earth Day

    If you Google "plastic pollution," or "climate change" or "environmental justice," the internet paints a bleak picture. And I'm not going to lie- it *is* bleak. 

    BUT: To assume everything is bleak and hopeless, I find, leads to despair and throwing up hands saying "why bother?" when the truth is: our actions DO matter. The choices we make DO have an impact. 

    And if you care about the Earth, you're definitely not alone! 

  • Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

     This spring, you can make your spring cleaning more eco-friendly AND budget-friendly. Let me preface by saying: the most green, most budget-friendly thing you can do is to use what you already have. 
  • Low-Waste Holiday Gifts for Any & Everyone!

    Forty low-waste gifts that will satisfy everyone on your holiday list- and at every budget!
  • Did You Know: Quick Facts About Plastic

    Plastic is a miracle product. It's cheap to produce, durable, extremely versatile...EXCEPT it does not go away. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists- and will outlive all of us.

    Plastic is made to last forever, but it is most often used to make products meant to be used for minutes or even seconds, and then discarded. 

    It's everywhere in the world. Literally everywhere. Plastic is found in the water, in the air, in the soil, in wildlife, in animal agriculture, and even inside of us. 

  • Can Low-Waste Really Save You Money?

    Low-waste living SEEMS great, but it also seems to have a high price tag. Can you REALLY save money and reduce waste? (Spoiler: yes)
  • Low-Waste + Free Delivery for Wheaton Neighbors!

    FH2HE is offering free delivery of eco-friendly, low-waste goods for first-time customers who lives within three miles of Wheaton Metro Station!
  • First Low-Waste Pop Up with Analog!

    A storefront is great, but I wanted the ability to go where the people are, where they already shop and gather. I want to make low-waste more accessible and more affordable, so that everyone can join the circular economy and reduce their own waste.

    I'm embracing the pop up model! 

    And you're invited to the FIRST pop-up!